Ways to Attract Clients to Your Salon During Quieter Months

4 February 2024

Ways to Attract Clients to Your Salon During Quieter Months

Happy February! We can almost smell the spring months around the corner now. The Hair & Beauty industry can often experience quieter months where foot traffic dwindles, and attracting clients becomes a challenge. However, these periods provide time to get creative (we are already there with that part) and implement a strategy that can drive traffic and boost your salon.

Here are some effective ways to attract clients during quieter times to your salon

Seasonal Promotions and Packages:

Create seasonal promotions or packages perfect for the quieter months. Offer discounts on specific services, introduce limited-time offers on bundled treatment packages or launch a new subscription service or club.

Mum to be packages for spring, wedding packages for summer, special value gift vouchers for Christmas.

If you are like us, we prefer to add value to our services instead of giving discounts all of the time. A great example of this for hair salons is receive an Olaplex treatment with your Cut & Blowdry or for beauty salons upgrade to a luxury mani/pedi with all express treatments.

Loyalty Programs and Referral Incentives:

Implement a loyalty program to reward regular clients and encourage repeat visits. Additionally, why not incentivise existing clients to refer new customers by setting us a referral system such as G.A.S. from SalonIQ?

Remember here to keep your offering simple, try not to over complicate your salons loyalty program or referral scheme, this will encourage clients to use it and your team to talk about it more often.

Interested to discover how SalonIQ can help you boost your bookings and client loyalty? Connect with us

Collaborate with Local Businesses:

Forge partnerships with nearby businesses like clothing boutiques, spas, or gyms for cross-promotions. Offer joint promotions or discounts to each other’s clientele. This collaboration expands your reach to a broader audience and can attract potential clients who might not have discovered your salon otherwise.

Remember referrals is the best way to gain new clients.

Max out your Social Media:

Use the power of social media to engage with clients and your target market. Share before-and-after photos, client testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your salon and team. Run campaigns or challenges to increase engagement bookings and fun during slower periods.

What ever you begin on social media make sure you have a clear plan and hold someone other than yourself responsible for creating the content and posting.

Boost Your Online Presence:

Ensure your online shop window is visually appealing and up to date. Below are some common questions to ask yourself on a regular bais;

  • What do you want your clients to see/notice first?
  • Is it easy to navigate aroudn your website?
  • Do you have a Book Now button on the home page of your salon website?
  • How does your website look on a mobile device?
  • Is there a contact us page, incase someone would like to call or email you
  • Are clients able to book and manage appointments, order retail products, send a gift voucher to a friend or loved one, learn about the services you offer? Showcase your services, prices, and contact information clearly.

When your clients are booking online, always make sure you have clear imagery and the wording you use is easy to understand. We have seen many very creative service menu’s, with colour services sounding like something you can eat, however this does not help the client book the right service.

At SalonIQ you have the option to be creative with your services and provide additional information next to each one if you wish. Or you can favourite your most popular services reducing the e=search time for your clients when they are in a rush to book an appointment with you.

Targeted SMS and Email Campaigns:

Partner your client database with SalonIQ’s Intelligent Marketing suite to send targeted email campaigns offering a reminder it’s time to visit, share an exclusive deal or send personalised recommendations. Highlight the value of your services and encourage clients to book and re-book appointments during the quieter months.

Targeted campaigns will reduce the cost and give a much higher ROI (Return on Investment).

Introduce New Services or Upgrades:

Consider introducing new services or upgrading existing ones to entice clients. Research trendy treatments, introduce locally sourced, refillable or luxury products, or offer premium service enhancements online or in-salon to boost client spend.

Offering upgrades has seen an uptake in less popular services being booked online, this is also a great tool to use when launching a new service or product.

Treat Days:

Offer small treats, complimentary add-ons, mini-services or tester retail items to say thank you to loyal clients, showcase what other services you offer and encourage clients to bring a friend with them for a taste of what you have to offer.

Through implementing a combination of these strategies, you can significantly boost client attraction and retention during those quieter months and keep your salon’s appointment full all year round.

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