5 Reasons Every Salon Owner Should Consider Hiring a Business Coach

2 July 2018

5 Reasons Every Salon Owner Should Consider Hiring a Business Coach 5 reasons why every salon owner should consider a business coach and how to choose the best coach for the job.

1. It’s a lonely task – If you are in business on your own or even if you have a business partner, running a salon when the ‘buck stops with you’ can be stressful and tiring. Having someone to share and listen can make all the difference.

2. Other persons eyes – It is amazing what other people notice, that perhaps you do not. Sometimes it may be starringly obvious but it needs someone to point them out to you.

3. You only know what you know. We are all limited by what we know, Coaches tend to have wide experience and can share this knowledge with you.

4. Targets, Focus and Maximise Results  – Get outcome and results focused, a good coach will lead you and get you to focus on the parts that make all the difference. The 80/20 rule.

5. Be the best you can be – Every top performing athlete or business person uses a coach to help. Why? because they know the best you can be it helps to have help.

What sort of things can a consultant help you do?

– Define clear goals
– Fill gaps in your appointment book
– Increase your Average Bill
– Increase Client Frequency
– Recommend Homecare
– Crystallise your marketing strategy
– Review Costs and Expenditure
– Create Systems that give you more time and freedom
– Leverage use of your SalonIQ Technology
– Push, motivate and support YOU.

Choosing a good coach is fairly easy,  firstly – get a recommendation! Then you you need to be comfortable with them and be sure they have the right level of expertise. Next you want someone who is going to stretch you. At SalonIQ we know a number of excellent business coaches 365, Debbie Digby, Simon Harris, Antony Whitaker and Ryan Fox, each have theirmerits depending on what your objectives are.

Curious what a coach could do for you? Either email david@saloniq.com if you have a general enquiry, or if you feel you are ready to take action and want to try a coach

salon coachthen schedule a FREE discovery call with Ryan fox worth £150+vat. And as a SalonIQ client should you decide to use him as a coach we have arranged a special introductory package of 5 coaching calls for just £495+vat  

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Call him today and arrange your Free discovery Call – 07702 208 311

It might be just the injection you need! Umbrella Consulting

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