Your Data is Key

15 August 2023

Data is the core and key to a successful business.  


I don’t know about you, but I am very guarded when it comes to sharing my email address and phone number, however when it comes to sharing details with my salon, I will happily share my personal information with them.


Your client data is the core of your business. It should be protected and seen as the centre of your business universe by all of your team. With the right data, you can ensure any marketing you do with your clients is effective and target-driven. 

Your key marketing communications are email and SMS – so make sure these are collected without fail. By doing this you will get over 80% of client emails and 95% of mobile numbers.


If you would like to find out how we can help you keep a safe and secure database with almost zero effort AND boost profit and guarantee client retention click here. 


Why do you need to keep on top of your client database? 


Customer Care – Your clients are your most important asset, this is why it is vital to collate data from every client who visits your salon. If you need to reach out to change an appointment time or rearrange due to team illness you need to be confident you can connect with your clients when you need to.  


New Clients – Your salon needs a smooth system to capture new client details. Always aim to collect; The clients’ full name, contact number(s) and email address when you are on the phone to a new client, this ensures you can contact your client prior to their first appointment or in an emergency. 


Preferences – Make sure you ask the client if they are happy to receive Email & SMS from your salon. By law, your defaults (apart from reminders) will be set to no and the client needs to Opt-In to your marketing.  Does your salon software allow you to select consent for different areas such as communication, marketing & medical? 

Insights – Having the ability to view clients with missing details is a must exercise. Used as a daily/weekly aid to capture your client’s missing contact information, SalonIQ shares a heads-up as clients visit your salon for their next appointment. 


Get Clever – SalonIQ users are letting their clients check and update their own information from wherever they are by making use of a custom client profile link. Every time a change is saved, SalonIQ will update automatically…easy hey! 


Customer Service – Keeping a record of everything from your client’s favourite drink and birthday to the homecare they purchase from you helps elevate client loyalty and the feel-good factor.  As stylists and therapists, we do a pretty good job of remembering shared information but there are times when we do forget. 


Client Marketing – The more you know about your clients, the better options, and ROI (Return on investment) you will enjoy when you run marketing campaigns. Identifying and grouping your clients into specific campaigns such as ‘How heard’, ‘Number of visits’ ‘Purchased retail’ will really allow you to become a master of your marketing and see high-level results. 


A typical UK adult spends over £400 a year (£33.36 a month) on hair and beauty products and treatments. 


Attract New Clients – There is no doubt that the most effective way to attract new clients is through referrals from your existing clients. Ensure you have the correct details on your database to attract new clients. 


Staying Safe – There has been a lot of conversation in the hair and industry on skin testing. Having the correct contact details for all of your clients to ensure you follow the right procedures for skin testing is crucial. 

If you would like to find out how SalonIQ software help salons manage their data and why salons are choosing SalonIQ click here. 

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