Webinar on How to Set up GAS on Salon iQ

19 February 2018

GAS is ‘the’ tool you need to be using to grow your business through recommendation. Our support team receives 10-15 calls per day on GAS on how it works and how it can benefit your salon business.

The great thing about GAS is you have full control of how it works, who receives the messages and which stylist/therapists benefit from it. It’s the perfect salon marketing tool to grow a stylist/therapists column when they join your salon. When developing GAS on Salon iQ we wanted to make sure it was easy for you to setup. We spent a lot of time simplifying the process for you. You have the option to re-word the GAS templates that are pre-saved in Salon iQ or you are more than welcome to edit and use your own.

TOP TIP – When you are editing the GAS SMS, right click in the white space. You will see the ‘short cut’ merge field option pop up, this saves you searching for the correct coding. The merge fields are a really great way of personalising the message. As a general rule the majority of hair and beauty salons set up the send a friend promotion at 50% off and cut and finish. However you can have this set at any percentage. Some salons have 5% or even 10%. It is completely up to you and what works for your salon business.

Terms and conditions are key for this promotion, most hair and beauty salons will not want to accept this on certain days such as Saturdays. On Salon iQ software you can easily view the results and revenue of what GAS is creating for you by viewing the GAS dashboard. Menu -> Dashboard -> GAS You can also view each individual client that has used the GAS promotion as well as this being recorded on the clients individual profile for future reference.

How to maximise on GAS 1. Ensure your whole team are behind it 2. It is key that every stylist and therapist in your salon understands how the promotion works 3. Everyone must talk about the promotion to their clients 4. Enable GAS on your Salon iQ system 5. Why not send an E-blast to your database reminding them of this great promotio

Questions from The GAS Webinar Today

Q: Hi James, If you do the GAS on Tue-Thur only, do you put this on the inital SMS message?
A. Yes, I would put the details of the promotion on the SMS, It does have “T&C’s ” written on the SMS but I think it best to be clear with your clients.

Q: Should you run GAS for a certain length of time and then switch it off?
A. It really depends, As mentioned on the video, there is no right or wrong set up for G.A.S. – It really depends on the salon. However, I do know some salons use the promotion in less busy times of the year such as January to drive up bookings and switch it off again in February. Another point is to use G.A.S for new stylists to help grow the column.

Remember if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact our support team, we are here to help you. 01892 280123

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