Managing Tips in Your Salon the Right Way

13 June 2023

We all love a tip.

Tips over the years have been great to bump up your salary, I remember this very well, our late-nights and Saturdays were always our busiest days, and some clients would leave as much as £5 just for shampooing their hair.

Once I became a stylist this was soon the norm, and even a £10 tip was left at times for longer services. This extra cash came in so handy for the car park, lunches and weekend nights out.

As the years have gone by we have gradually become a cashless society, which has had a big impact on the tips being received. If you are anything like me I rarely have cash on me these days.

Tips on Card – Leaving tips on card comes with many challenges;

  • How to handle tips with HMRC
  • Calculating tips accurately per team member
  • When to give tips to the team
  • How to give tips to the team

A tip management solution really was needed for hair and beauty salons, so we got to work. Tell Me More…

Do you know how much your team are actually receiving in tips each week?

If it’s cash it’s probably been a guessing game for you or a very lengthy admin process trying to work out the tips total per team member by looking at hundreds of bill receipts for ‘change’ when left by card.

What if you could have a tips management process in place for your salon enabling your team to receive tips from clients by card without the lengthy calculation process?

Salons are using SalonIQ’s Tip management system right now and are loving it “It has saved me so much time, I now just run a report for the date range I want to get the total tips left per team member.” Sean Hanna Salons


SalonIQ’s Top LOVES for Tips

  • Accurate tracking of tips for any date range
  • The ability to split a tip amount across multiple team members
  • Option to add a team member to a tip left by a client that isn’t even on the bill
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use tips process when taking a clients bill
  • Opt certain clients out of asking for tips on the card terminal
  • Separate tips from the salons takings

Increase your Teams Tips

Having systems in place so that your team can maximise their earnings is essential for every successful salon. But are you maximising their tip potential?  

No turning back!

By using the SalonIQ tip management system your team are likely to double or triple their take home tips. 

It’s so simple, just let IQ Pay ask for the tip and see your tip earnings skyrocket.

SalonIQ will track all your tips and make it easy to add to your team’s pay. So no need to worry about HMRC knocking on your door.


“This has saved me hours of time each week and I know that it is right” Sean Hanna Salons


By using IQ Tips your team will earn more tips and therefore improve team retention for your salon, and because tips will be shown in their payslips it will help any team members looking for a mortgage. 

 IQ Tips is just one-way IQ Pay can help your salon. Take the first step now…

If you would like more information on running tips effectively in your salon, please click here

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