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1 December 2017

With the busiest time of year upon us, now is the perfect time to update your database with your clients’ most recent contact details.

Why update details, when you already have them? We all tend to keep the same mobile number, so this rarely changes for the majority of us. But when did you last give your doctors or dentist your most up to date email address? The new year you soon be upon us so you will want to be wishing your clients a happy new year, giving them all your latest salon opening times and promotions. As well as reaching out to any clients that you have not seen in a while. BUT without the right contact details you will not be able to reach out to them.

When did you last send out an e-blast? Did you check to see the stats of the e-blast? Have you tried to call a client but found out that the number is no longer in use or is wrong? I was helping one salon with their e-blast very recently, we closely monitored the stats from the email, this is what we looked at: – How many unique opens we got on the email – How many people unsubscribed – How many emails bounced back – How many people didn’t actually open the email Out of 1400 emails and running the campaign for 1 week – the salon had 45 unsubscribes, 0 people marked it as spam, 219 bounced back. 994 unique opens. Straight away this tells me that 219 of the 1400 emails have not been sent either due to the clients inbox being full or the email address being wrong, this could potentially be a lot of missed bookings. A lot of the time this is due to something as simple as a typo or spelling mistake when the details were entered in. Ensure time and care is used when entering client details into the computer.

Prep for this: Inform every single person that work in your salon that we need to update client details Print off new guest forms, enough to see you through 1 week at a time so you do not run out Role play in the next team meeting with how your stylists/therapists will approach this with their clients Delegate – if you do not have a receptionist, ask some to either volunteer or select someone that has attention to details and will update the clients profiles for you Decide on how long you will do this for – It could be every time the client comes in, or it could be once every quarter Remember if you use the hub and have iPads in your salon you can give your client the iPad and ask them to type in their details for you (Great idea if you want to cut out paper work, who doesn’t want to save time)

New Guest Forms Download Here  – Please feel free to personalise as you wish.

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