Tips on How to Promote Christmas Party Hair in your Hair Salon

5 December 2017

How to Market Your Hair Salon at Christmas using Salon Software

December for many hair and beauty salons is the busiest month for party hair up. We all want to be looking our best and have the best party hair. However many of us are limited on time.


Tips on How to Promote Christmas Party Hair in your Hair Salon

Christmas Party Hair

Do you offer an express service in your hair salon?

Some hair salons provide 30 minute appointments purely as an express service. It is a great way to encourage new clients to your salon. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade them further down the line to a cut and blow-dry or colour service.

How do you look after clients who have super thick hair in just 30 minutes?

You don’t want to upset those who have a lot of hair and turn them away from doing party hair up. However what you could do is have a party hair styles service based on time. For example, a 30 minute appointment is £20, an additional 15 minutes will be an extra £5 and so on.

This way you are still able to offer the express service at a reduced price but without your stylist spending a whole hour on them for just £20.

As long as your clients are educated on how this works at the time of booking there is no need to have any upset or confusion when they come to pay their bill.

Promote Your Christmas Services Using Salon Software Solutions from Salon iQ

  • Use your social media platforms…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Send out an SMS to all those that have not yet got an appointment for Christmas/New Year. This is something Salon iQ users can do for salons, click here to find out how.
  • Send out an e-blast targeting those that have not got a future appointment
  • Word of mouth – encourage your stylists/therapists to talk about party hair up in the salon

You can use your Salon iQ software to help you select clients that do not have a future appointment. This will ensure you are targetting the correct clients for your SMS / E-blast.

So many hair salons use Salon iQ because we offer effective and easy to usemarketing systems that work. Hair salons say Salon iQ is the best onle marketing software company in the UK.

How long should I run this express service for?

Definitely have a time frame on this sort of thing, specially if it is not something you usually offer. And be strict with it. No bending the rules. Not even for your favourite client. This will pay off in the long run, trust me!

For an express christmas party hair service we would recommend you to run the promotion from mid November to the first week of January. This we feel is a good time frame to ensure you catch all those Christmas parties and the New Year ones too.

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