Salons Struggle Finding Apprenticeships

6 May 2018

Salons Struggle Finding Apprenticeships Salon Apprenticeship Struggle

You are not alone. Many salons are struggling to recruit new employees for apprenticeships, so do not panic it is not you.

Recent statistics show there has been a 27% drop in people starting apprenticeships from August to October last year compared to the same time in 2016 (Source: NHF)

This can have quite a significant knock on effect for the running of a salon if your team do not pull together. 

I know in one of our biggest salons we have had the same struggle. We think we have a gold mine walking through the door one minute, to learn that 3 weeks later the job is not for them. 

We believe one of the key reasons is…

Millennials – Without categorising millennials too much, the world wide web has had a huge impact on how the next generation see the world and how their average working day should be. 

Gone are the days of working every hour for little money and working their way up the ladder. It all seems to be about working as little hours as possible, having everything handed on a plate and getting huge rewards in return for it in no time at all. Unfortunately this doesn’t always work. 

How to Attract Apprentices in Your Salon

There are a number of ways to attract apprentices, it just means thinking a little outside the box and if what you have been doing for some time isn’t working then maybe it’s time to try something new to get them through the door.

As an industry we need to do more to attract our future professionals. We often tend to lean more towards school leaves as the cost for taking the through an apprenticeship is much less due to minimum wage.

– Have you thought about employing slightly older candidates? This may mean that the older employee are more focused and learn quicker? Therefore complete their NVQ in a shorter space of time and become earners for the salon.

– What about paying more than the minimum wage? We’re not talking about the sam hourly wage as your stylists and therapists but more than what other salons in your area are paying them. 

Apprentices, if fast learners and passionate about the role can still be assisting you in the salon and become earners, for example Shampooing, helping with refreshments, blowdrying, or applying a tint on your behalf if you are running behind. 

Why not email your client database and ask if they know of anyone that is looking to start a career in hairdressing? If they are successful and get the job you could doffer a reward of £100 for example to be used in the salon.

– Ask your team. You are with your team almost every day, they may not have even thought about asking friends or family. Give them a nudge, and again you can offer an incentive or reward if they recommend someone. Perhaps £50 gift usher when the are recruited and then a further £50 once they have completed their probation period of 3 months (or what ever it may be)

We would love to hear your ideas on this topic. How have you been successful in recruiting apprentices?

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