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24 July 2015

Does your salon need a Salon App? Is it Better to have a salon App or a mobile Website?


The 3 “lies” about Salon apps

Salon apps can be great for a salon. It is important to know what you want a salon app for. It is a common mistake to think “I must have a salon app” as I everyone is telling me I must be mobile. This is the first lie. Although you must be mobile, you do not need an salon app. A salon mobile friendly website is your most important.


A Salon App will get you lots of clients, this is the second lie. A Salon App is likely to get you hardly any or no new clients. Salon apps are only good for existing clients, a new client not go and look for you on the App store. They will look for you on the Web and google you, therefore need a mobile website or mobile booking app, long before you need a salon app.


Your Clients will love your app. Lie number three. Clients do not care about your salon app unless there is something in it for them. A salon app that has no benefits for the customer is not worth having.

Do not get me wrong, I am a fan of salon apps, but the best salon apps need to be considered and you need to understand what you want from the salon app and how you are goiing to market the salon app. Yes – market the salon app. As a salon app is just like any other service or usp in the salon. You need to educate your clients, how to download it, what’s in it for them. There are some great apps with specific salon bits. For example if you have a number of team members that are fully booked, then GAPPT is probably the salon app for you, as it will notify clients of availability of their chosen stylist.

Before a salon considers a salon app, their website needs to be in order. Salon online bookings and mobile bookings is the first thing to get right. An good mobile booking website should be your first priority. Making it easy for clients to book online at your salon. A good salon mobile website is better than a salon app, as all it can be used by new and existing clients and will do most things that a salon app could do. Salon info, team info, opening times, and most importantly booking appointments 24 x7.   Other resources Salon Guru GAPPT Review

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