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6 September 2015

Cloud Salon Software Revolution – Salon Business Magazine

20 years ago Salon computers were just starting to take off. Now most salons are computerised and if a salon owner is opening a new salon it is almost certain a computer would be top of their must have list, along with a cloud salon software system to help run their operations.

Technology changes, and there is a technology revolution happening, just like 20 years ago. It is something called Cloud Technology. Salon Business asks David Levine, salon owner and founder of Salon-iQ, the what’s and whys of the cloud salon software technology:

What is cloud technology?

Cloud technology is simply applications that run the Internet instead of your local computer, we all use cloud technology everyday, emails, amazon, online banking, online shopping, booking hotels or holidays are all examples.

Why is cloud technology important for salons?

Cloud Technology is a real game changer for so many reasons, from simple benefits like being to access your salon data from anywhere, to advanced salon group benefits like global client database or consolidated reporting. From a supplier point of view, the fact that all our salons are on the same version of software, and running on robust servers means the system is far more reliable and supporting clients is easy. Salons switching from older systems soon appreciate they hardly ever need to call us compared to their previous suppliers.

Are there any other benefits for a salon?

If you think about it 20 years ago email marketing, text marketing and online booking simply were not around. On old desktop systems these have all been “bolted on after”. New cloud systems are designed to exploit these technologies from the beginning. The right platform for the current world. Once a salon sees it, the many benefits are clear.

Is this new technology expensive?

Cost of ownership is also a huge advantage, Cloud based systems salons can often save hundreds of pounds compared to traditional salon systems.

Can you give some example who is using this technology?

A lot of salons have already switched, Salon-iQ are pleased to have a lot of good names such as Ken Picton, Mark Leeson, Sanrizz, Marc Antoni, Lisa Shepherd, Barrie Stephen. The list is endless.

Is my data safe?

The reality is your data is much more safe in the cloud than on your computer in the salon. Cloud computers are much more robust and resilient. As any salon owner who has had their computer crash will know, If you computer goes wrong in the salon you have to wait for an engineer, and keep your fingers crossed you can restore your data. I would pick cloud data every time.

But what if my internet goes down?

Nowadays there are so many ways to connect to the internet, from connecting via your phone, ipad, wireless hotspot to backup broadband lines. Broadband is extremely reliable now but it is true no doubt your internet will fail one day, no need to worry you will always find another simple way to connect.

What about the future?

The reality is 10 years from now all salons will be running cloud salon software systems, there are no if’s or but’s, we are led by what it is happening in the outside world and the world is moving to cloud based technology whether we like or recognise it.

And what about you and Salon-iQ?

I am pleased to be leading the revolution and back in technology market. Our experience is unique and the impact of this experience is easily demonstrated in our success to date.

David Levine – Has been in the Industry for over 20 years, he founded Computill and i-salon in 1993, which he sold in 2005 to Integrity Systems. He owns and operates six salons in Kent and Sussex. He is the creator of Salon-iQ, a new generation of Salon Technology. For more information visit  or call 0843 289 6095

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