Market Your Salon Booking App

29 August 2018

If you own a salon and have a booking app, this article will give you advice on how to market you salon booking app.

Salon App How to market your salon booking app effectively

So you are now standing out from the crowd and have your very own Salon Booking App – Congratulations!

BUT you need your clients to start using it – right?

Benefits of using the salon booking app;

– Personalise the app to match your salon brand
– Add your salon contact details
– Choose which services are available to book on the salon app
– Allow your clients to cancel/amend their bookings
– Enable the map so clients no exactly where to find you
– Take deposits and purchase gift cards
– Have your salon taking bookings 24/7
– View historic bookings

OK so how do we get your clients using the salon booking app…first of all you need to make sure all your team are fully aware of your Salon App.

Your team;

– Are your team aware that you have an app for your salon bookings?
– Do your team know how to download the salon app?
– Do your team know what the salon app is for?
– Do they know what is does?
– Have they downloaded the salon booking app themselves?

Once your team are fully aware of the purpose and main functions of the app, it’s time to get them behind it. We all know that hair stylists and beauty therapists love to talk so get them talking about the app. So get them talking about it to their clients –  they are one of your biggest and most effective sales tool that you have.

It really is such a great way for clients to make and manage their own appointments themselves in their own time. 


– Feature the app in your emails 

You can also send an e-blast out to all your clients with information about the salon app and include a direct link to download it. 

Many of us these days prefer to use email / text instead of picking up the phone, we are just so busy we simply do not have the time. 

You could also add it into one of your emails that you send out to your clients such as the appointment reminder? This doesn’t mean it has to be there for ever, perhaps just for the next 6 months until your clients become aware of your salon app. 

– Create an ad on the home page of your website

The majority of salons have a website, this is a great place to shout about what you have and do in your salon. A simple snap shot with “Salon App now available” is all you need – it does not need to be in-depth or technical. When you do this make sure you include a link.

Where ever you are advertising your Salon App, make sure you clearly show how they can find and download the app. 

– Create download links on your website to your app

These can be created by your web developer or even yourself as you really do not need much technical know how to do this. These images can be on every singe page of your website if your wish. 

Your clients will not spend hours searching for it, it has to be super simple and easy to find. 

– Create a demo video

This may sound like really hard work, however we all have mobile devices these days with builtin apps that can pre record your screen. Top tip: Make sure the video is short, no more than 40 seconds long. 

– Promote your app in Salon

Make a poster to advertise the app in your salon/local area – Take great screenshots of your app that really show it off to its best potential. Images are key to catch peoples attention. Ask yourself a question, would you stop and look at a full page of text or be drawn into and stop at a striking image that catches your eye?

– Social media platforms

The biggest platform to spread news at the moment, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat or any other social media platform that your salon business is currently using. Spread the word with more striking images. 

– Write an announcement blog post onto your website

Announcing your app launch as a company update is a great way to create a buzz and feel good vibe 

Fact – It takes the average person to take on something new once they have seen it 7 times! Yes that’s right 7 times, which is a lot!

If you are adding a post about your app to facebook – wait 2/3 days and then re-post it again. I would recommend to do this 3 times. 

The same with instagram – create a post but also add a story about it a couple of times through the week for 2-3 weeks. 

These are just a few ways you can market your app and get more of your clients downloading and using it. 

Remember – You get what you focus on, so focus on what matters. 

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