Managing Skin Tests Using Salon IQ

13 April 2021

Using SalonIQ to make sure you keep on top of your customers skin tests is a great way to ensure none of your clients slip through the cracks. This software will save you a lot of time by making your skin testing procedures easier to implement.

It is now very well known that claims being made by clients within the hair and beauty industry are increasing as time goes on. This makes it more important than ever to ensure you stay on top of skin tests for your clients and prevent claims due to reactions. Managing skin tests can seem to be a big task, but it doesn’t need to be.

Managing skin tests using SalonIQ takes away the stress and the pain of trying to keep on top of your records, reminding you which clients need a skin test before their appointments.

Who do you listen to?

There is often a lot of ‘talk’ on the internet and amongst forums on skin testing and what you should do. The best advice we can give is to listen to your insurance provider and follow your manufacturers’ guidelines.

The importance of skin testing

Skin testing should not be taken lightly. Having the right policies and procedures in place, that every team member in your salon knows how to follow, is very important.

You may have been looking after a client for many years, however allergies can come on suddenly with little to no warning. This is why it is important to follow your manufacturers guidelines.

Turning clients away

Have you ever experienced a client turning up for an appointment, only to find they have not had a skin test? This can be frustrating, not only can you end up potentially losing the client, but also have 2-3 hours wasted in your team members column with nothing for them to do.

This situation can escalate if not managed, costing you hundreds of pounds each week.

How can you manage skin tests using salon software?

Your salon software should be able to monitor and record skin tests for you, keeping accurate and up to date records will help you if a claim is ever made. You should be able to see a full audit showing all skin tests with dates for each individual client.

As a general rule, skin tests are required at regular intervals between each chemical service. Setting these rules within your system allows you to track any customers who may be due for a skin test and have a booking with your salon soon.

Sending an automated SMS to remind your clients to have a skin test before their appointment also saves you the hassle of reaching out to each individual client.

Digital consultation forms

Digital consultation forms have revolutionised how salons manage skin tests. They are a great tool to use in supporting any skin test you carry out during a consultation in your salon. You can add screening questions to your form and customise the wording to suit your business.

Keeping these forms on your record card can also give you great comfort. If ever there were a problem, you know you have all the documents to hand.

SalonIQ gives you the option of your clients completing their allergy consultation forms directly from their phones, you can send an email with the form attached or even ask them to scan a QR code when they are in the salon to complete in their own time.

Remember what ever others are saying online, as long as you are following your manufacturers guidelines and your own policies and procedures led by your insurers, you will not have a problem.

Benefits to managing skin tests using SalonIQ software

  • Send clients who are due an allergy skin test an automated SMS prior to their appointment;
  • Ask your clients to complete an allergy form with your screening questions before they arrive at the salon, saving you time during your consultation;
  • View clients due for a skin test on one report;
  • Record multiple skin tests for one client;
  • Set your own skin test frequency for clients;
  • Send digital consultation forms for allergy skin testing automatically via email directly to your clients;
  • Have audits of historic skin tests for each client; and
  • Add an alert or notes for those that have sensitivity or require an alternate colour.

When managing skin tests on SalonIQ creates so many benefits for your salon, you can have peace of mind knowing all the information you need to record for each client is safe in one place.


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