Increase Sales of Hair Products Using Salon Software

11 April 2017


How many times have you heard stylists say;
‘“But I’m not a sales person…”
“I don’t sell…”
“I can’t sell products…”
“It’s not my job…”

Bottom line – they look after and work with the public day in day out, providing a service with results that need to be maintained at home.  So, if they are doing their job correctly then they are in sales, whether they like it or not.

Biggest Profit Margin

Increasing retail sales is key as it can contribute massively to the overall the profitability of your salon.

Many salon owners aim to use the profit from retail sales to pay for their rent each month, then any revenue generated through hair/beauty services are for the bills, wages etc to assist with cash flow and make profit.

Recent statistics show those clients that purchase retail from you are 30% more likely to return to your salon again, this is partly down to building trust with your clients.

Consultation is Key

Without a consultation at the very beginning of every hair/beauty service we are clueless on the clients’ commitment, routine and if they feel using the right products at home.

It’s the perfect time for stylists to introduce the product range they will be using and give a brief overview of why. Going into too much detail at this stage will more than likely overwhelm them so save this for ‘hands on’ time when you will be applying the products at the end.

Remember your client has already got a good amount of trust with you as they have chosen you to cut their hair, it’s down to you to continue and build that trust.

Possible quesitons to ask in the consultation:

  • What is your style routine like at home?
  • How much time do you have in the mornings to do your hair?
  • What challenges do you have when styling your hair?
  • If there was one product you couldn’t live wihtout what would it be?

Retailing in the salon should be fun and informative for the client, adding hands on and product commentary adds theatre and point of difference to your salon.

Build Trust

Our industry is known for pretty much becoming a counsellor to our clients, they come to relax, be beautified but also to let off some steam and off load all their worried and troubles. As long as we continue to listen to them and keep solving their problems (hair/beauty related) the trust continues to grow.

You are trusted for a very good reason.

Education / Develop your Knowledge

Knowledge is priceless and an area that you can continue to develop for years. Having a clear understanding of the product range you are using not only makes you feel more confident but also shows you know your stuff. I once had a stylist do my hair and she knew every ingredient in the bottle, why it was in there and what it did. I was sold instantly.

We’re not saying your team need to know all 15 ingredients in every product you offer but maybe 2 or 3 of the main ingredients, along with there purpose I am sure would see big results and reap rewards. Develop a culture of learning and self development.

You will never stop learning.

Salon iQ on Retail – Salon iQ Upgrades Tracker

One of Salon iQ’s key roles was to monitor and show the performance of retail sales not only as a salon but also for each individual team member.

There are 4 retail indicators Salon iQ looks at on the dashboard;
Care factor
Average Retail Bill per stylist and per salon
Retail % compared with services
Growth charts showing increase/decline in sales

Each of these should be looked at in 121’s / appraisals as well as looking at ways to improve and find out why these figures stand as they do even if they are at 100% (wouldn’t that be fab…?)

They are easy to view and navigate around, without this information salon owners would not have a clue on the performance of their retail sales other than looking at what is sitting on the shelf.

Retail Display and Visual Merchandising

Two words – Organised and Clean

Without these you are going to struggle to get off to a good start. Would you want to buy a product covered in dust? Or a product with a crumpled box? One thats been sitting in the window for months and discoloured? A product that has clearly been dropped on the floor and has a cracked lid?

All these small things do not necessarily change the quality or performance of the product but will make a difference to them handing over the cash for it.

Do you have an area clients can test the products in your salon, let them touch, try and feel the product for themselves, this is very hands on. It gives your client the opportunity to try it before they buy it. With the added help of a stylist demonstrating how it works too, it’s win win!

Salon iQ Upgrades Tracker

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