Encouraging Salon Clients To Rebook

12 September 2017

It’s never too early… Getting back into a routine after a long summer can seem like a big chore. BUT yes, it’s almost that time again Christmas. You need to plan NOW to ensure this is your best Christmas EVER!

If you are anything like me the thought of Christmas in the salon feels huge and knowing where to start is the biggest challenge. Every hair cut has an expiry date regardless of the length. As an experienced stylist I know that it has taken me some time to build the confidence to encourage my clients to re-book their next appointment before they leave the salon. Some of your younger team members will be lacking in confidence in this area too. But you know what?… it’s really not that difficult. It’s all about educating your clients and letting them know when they next need their hair cut or their roots touched up and colour refreshed, because they haven’t got a clue. It’s that’s simple! Since advising my clients of when they will need to come in, guess what? My re-booking % has increased. Bookings Format to a Healthy and Happy Christmas So the majority of us already know that your rebooking % needs to be at an absolute minimum of 50% for a steady flow of clients Firstly take a look on Salon iQ at last years re-booking percentages. For Salon iQ users: Go to Main Menu -> Salon Dashboard -> Click on the Cog -> Cusomt Dates -> Enter the dates you want to view and hit refresh Salon Example: Re-booking % for September, October, November and December 2016. September 2016 – 46% October 2016 – 48% November 2016 – 51% December 2016 – 42% To put these into perspective in September 2016 4/10 clients were re-booking their next appointment. Not even half the clients were planning to get their hair scheduled in before Christmas. These figures definitely have room for improvement, how do we do this? I can guarantee the team in this particular salon we are looking at do not have a clue about these %s. They need to know them and be aware of them right now and they need to know the goal you have set for 2017.

5 Step Action Plan

1. Go back on Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec 2016 and make a note of your re-booking % for the salon as a whole for each month

2. Are there any staff changes that could have an impact on your re-booking % this year for each month? If yes, make a note of these changes i.e increase/decrease in staff numbers etc.

3. Now look at the re-booking % from the last 3 months for each stylist and therapist

4. Book 30 minute 121s with each team member discuss there re-booking %. Set them a new target for the next 4 months. Remember to give them tips on how to increase this %.

5. Review your goal at the end of each week to ensure you are on track for the month.

Examples of Dialogue for Re-booking “Thank you so much for letting look after you today. Now to keep this gorgeous shape you will need to come and see me in 6-7 weeks time which takes us to .. Let’s get you booked in today.” “It was so lovely to see you again today. You will only be able to get 2 more appointments booked in before Christmas, so book yourself in now as it is already getting busy” “I know it seems a long way away but I want to make sure you get the day and time you want for your Christmas appointment. Get booked in for 6 weeks time for a Cut and Finish and then 6 weeks from that for your Colour and Cut”

There are many more ways of encouraging your clients to rebook. You can introduce this to your team in 121’s but also in team meetings. Why not get everyone into pairs or 3’s and practice the dialogue with each other or maybe even get your team to come up with there own dialogue that they feel comfortable with? “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows”      

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