A Day in the Life of Salon iQ Support

22 June 2018

A Day in the Life of SaloniQ Support……. Hey there, my name is Karen and I am that ‘tech person’ you speak to when you call the support line. A Day in the Life of Salon iQ SupportMy official title is Customer Service Advisor, but tech person works too.

I am writing this blog to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain on what a typical day on support is like. Now be prepared, it might come as a shock to you how much we juggle in one day, but like you we are pros who can handle almost anything.

Morning In the morning I normally have a cup of coffee and some breakfast depending on how much time I have or not have, oops! I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes I just want to get stuck into work. Enough about breakfast, let’s get this show on the road!

Here at SaloniQ we have this platform called ‘tickets’ and no I don’t mean Willy Wonka’s golden tickets. Tickets are what we log when you the salon owner are having any issues with SaloniQ software and, trust me, at times there can be a few. My morning consists of going through the tickets and chasing them up for you. When I am saying ‘chasing’, I mean make sure I have an update or a solution for you when I call you later that day. As you already know, not every problem can be solved instantly. I remember this one time when SaloniQ was not loading the dashboard fast enough for one customer, bearing in mind they were loading a very large date range which of course would take time to load. Anyway, I did everything I could, spoke to second line support, ran the report on my computer to see if it would load quicker, the list goes on and on. 1 hour I was on the phone trying to get this issue resolved. Now don’t get me wrong, solving your queries is my job and I am more than happy to help, but we do need some time to resolve these problems for you. “Ring, ring, ring” it’s around about 11am and that is probably the 9th call I have answered today. I know it does not sound that much. On average a call will last 10 minutes depending on the query. “Ping” time is 12pm and that would be the 30th chat I have answered. On top of answering calls and tickets etc and it is not even my lunch time. I may sound like I don’t love my job. I absolutely love it being busy all the time, starting new projects finding new problems to solve – I know you can relate.

Afternoon Did someone say lunch time? I love lunch time as it is the only part of the day when you can zone out not talk to anyone and relax. That feeling of switching off the computer going to Tesco’s getting a meal deal, putting your headphones in and having time to yourself…while also thinking about the million and one things I must do when lunch is over. Back at the desk it’s around 2pm now and I need to get these consultation forms done. I am certain you have heard by now that there is a new GDPR law out. I think I am currently down to 60 forms which is not too bad considering we have done over 100 in the last 6 weeks. 3pm and I have managed to get 2 forms done. I know what you’re thinking, surely it doesn’t take 1 hour to complete 2 consultation forms right? You know when a client comes into your salon and shows you a picture of what they want their hair to look like etc. The time it takes to either replicate the hair style and colour, or adapt what they would like to suit them more, can be very time consuming because you want it to look just right. That’s what it is like when building a consultation form.

4pm – only one hour till home time. This part of the day it is all about wrapping up for the day. This normally means checking overdue tickets, answering chats etc. Maybe sneak in a consultation form if there is time.

4.45pm – at this time I get my call time and how many calls I have answered or dialled. 60 calls altogether and that’s on a quiet day. Most of the calls we receive are showing a client where a feature is on the system or working out figures on a report for them. Sometimes we do get the occasional “I can’t get into my SaloniQ system”, and 7 times out of 10 it is the internet connection as you do need internet to be able use SalonIQ. On the off chance it’s not the internet there is a manual we follow to rectify the issue for you. Sorry!…I was rambling, I was In work mode which I believe you can never fully switch off from – no matter how hard you try!

5pm – Home time! I’m off now guys to enjoy a nice glass of red wine and you should too! I think we have earned it. You can reach me on out of hours but only if it is an emergency. Bye for now!

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