How to Run a Meeting

Every salon has its own style and mode of communication.  These simple ideas help you make your meetings effective.

Set up the room:  

  • A U shape setup of chairs well works for comfortable communication

Open the meeting:

  • Subject of meeting, designate a theme 
  • Have a point or reason to take a salon professional's time 
  • Make the meeting useful
  • Tell the participants what is going to happen and what is expected from this meeting

Body of the meeting: 

  • Talk about specials, changes in procedures, introduce new products, etc.
  • Ask for input and ideas
  • Give everyone a chance to discuss issues. (All complaints or challenges need to include a possible solution)
  • Make acknowledgements
  • Keep the conversation on topic, do not let it stray, stay focused

Closing of the meeting:

  • Review the meeting in brief
  • Have an inspirational story or thought
  • Leave everyone with a challenge

Salon meetings should be scheduled on a regular basis and last between 45-60 minutes.

Successful Meetings include:

  • A reason, topic, or point
  • Two-way communication with follow-up
  • Inspiration/Motivation

When planning/conducting a salon meeting try to choose a time and day that is convenient for most of the staff, not just the owner/manager.  If you have a large staff, consider having more than one meeting.  Remember that your staff is your most important customer.  The staff will become more loyal and satisfied being given this respect for their time.  By doing this you will create lower employee turnover, higher productivity and increased social capital.

Feel free to use this as a guide for your meetings.   We can help make all your meetings easy and effective with our library of topics.  Click here to learn more.

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